Sunday, March 13, 2016

Water Baptism

SFC Blog: week 1

Auther: Alyssa Nelson

Water Baptism

On the 10th of October 2015 I got baptized along with

some of my friends from church and two adults. The first

time I realised I wanted to get baptized was in late 2013.

My sister was invited to a Baptist church for a baptism

ceremony and I tagged along. In the Baptist faith there is a

much longer process of getting baptized than in the

Christian faith. When I went to the service the pastor kept

on saying one thing which was “In order for one to enter

heaven they have to be born again in the spirit.” which is

true because according to the King James Version JOHN

3:3 says: “Jesus answered and said unto him Verily,

verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he

cannot see the kingdom of God” and then it in JOHN 3:5

the topic is addressed again and the bible says “Jesus

answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be

born of water and of the spirit, he cannot enter into the

kingdom of God.” From that day forward I wanted to get

baptized because I knew to myself that I was not reborn in

the spirit. Although I wanted to get baptized I was not

doing the things that was asked of me by God. I starting

attending Arima Church of God in March of 2014. I knew

that if I wanted to get baptized that I would have to learn

about God and also do what is asked of me by him. In the

period of a year I was baptized with help of my church

family and my parents. On the day I was so excited

because I was giving myself whole hearted to my lord and

saviour Jesus Christ. When we got to the beach in which

we were getting baptized we sang some worship songs

and the people that came to support gave us some words

of wisdom and then Sister Providence talked to us for a bit

and then we had to say the reason why we wanted to get

baptized (BTW the other people that got baptized with me

was Aliyah, Lecharl, Shaquilla, Brother Martin ,Sister

Marcia and myself Alyssa) the reason I gave for why I

wanted to get baptized was because I wanted to be closer

to God which I am now. We got baptized by our Pastor

Clinton Providence and our Assistant pastor Marlon

Moore. I was the fourth person to get baptized. First was

Sister Marcia then was Lecharl, Aliya, Myself, Shaquilla

and Brother Martin. When my turn came I stepped into the

water which was really cold because it was early morning.

My Pastor walked out to help me into the water, when we

reached out far enough I could hear the supporters singing

worship songs my Pastor spoke to me and then he said

“you are being baptized in the name of the father, the son

and the holy spirit” and then they dipped me into the

water. When I raised up I felt lighter to be honest like all

the things that I was holding on to God took the weight off

my shoulders. In that moment I was so happy of myself

and I know my parents was proud but most importantly I

made Jesus happy which I what I live to do. In all I do I

want his approval I want him to happy with my decisions

and proud of me. Although I got baptized I still make

mistakes. I’m human I will make mistake but I have to

learn from them and know not to do it again. Now that I’m

baptized I know that the younger ones that also want to

get baptized or even the ones who haven’t thought about it

yet are look at me because I am supposed to be a leader

and show them the right way. Overall I am so happy that I

got baptized by far the best decision I ever made in my

life, and honestly if I can go and do it again I would. Get

baptized it is an amazing experience.

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